Bojan Leaves with the Catalan Team & Already from Rome

There are clubs that refuse to give up their players for matches like yesterday. There are also players that are erased from them in good or bad way. Likewise, those who appear and administer their effort are counted. And, finally, those who take advantage of them to claim their worth and are used with the enthusiasm and joy of the fans, mobilized to ask for the officiality of their selection. None like Bojan, the Barça striker, who maintains an idyllic relationship with Catalonia. It was the best.

“I feel very satisfied, especially after some journalistic criticism because the rival was Honduras, it is not easy to gather 28,150 people on December 28 in Montjuïc, the fans come to see their team, which is a feeling”. This was explained, in turn, by Jordi Casals, the president of the Catalan federation, at the end of the match, played at the Olympic stadium, half full, half empty, depending on how you look at it, between nationalist flags and protest banners.

Bojan Krkic, twelve years after arriving at Barça, is leaving.
The forward of Linyola has not found the necessary confidence in Pep Guardiola to demonstrate all the football he taught during his time in the lower categories and has decided to take a step forward. His immediate future is in the Rome of Luis Enrique.

Bojan is already from Rome

The Asturian coach has been a key figure for the ‘9’ has said yes to the offer of the Italian club. The ex-coach of Barça B has spoken personally with the player and has let him know that he wants to make him a cornerstone of his project and that he is the striker he is looking for. Bojan has taken the glove and is willing not to disappoint him. It only needs minutes.

Josep Maria Bartomeu, sports vice-president, Andoni Zubizarreta, sports director, Walter Sabatini, his counterpart at Rome, and Ramon Sostres, Bojan Krkic’s legal representative, agreed to the terms of the agreement yesterday at the Barça offices. Between club `giallorosso¿ and player is everything more than agreed, although they still need to define some points between both entities. The agreement between Bojan and Roma is for five seasons, a long contract in which Barça will have the possibility to intervene at the end of the first two seasons. Roma will pay 10 million euros for the player, but both clubs still differ in the repurchase clause.

The day before yesterday, it had leaked that the Barca demanded those 10 million euros for the transfer of Bojan including an option of effective repurchase at the end of the next season, while the entity `giallorossa¿ only reached six. However, Zubizarreta managed to impose the Barcelona claims and Roma ended up going through the ring of 10 million.

In any case, the final push in the operation, which is closed in terms of the most important points, will occur today, when the agreement between all the parties will be sealed. At this point, will discuss the amount of the purchase option, since the club is not at all ready to part with Bojan definitively. Quite the opposite. The goal is for Linyola to have the minutes denied in the first Blaugrana team and thus demonstrate his ability in a tournament as important as the Italian Serie A in the face of his possible return to the Camp Nou and then with a status more prominent than in the last exercise. And that’s where there is still no agreement for now, although all parties are moderately optimistic.

The Roma intends to do business in the event that Bojan excels in its first season outside of Can Barça and is suspended by asking that the buyback clause be set at 20 million euros. That is, if the Linyola complete a ‘temporadón’ in Calcio and Pep Guardiola decides to re-count on him, he would have to pay twice the 10 million that will come from the sale next summer. Meanwhile, the club stands firm at 12 million euros and could only be for the work of increasing one million more to reach the 13.

But that are already important issues for the club, although something secondary for a footballer who today faces the Spanish U21 team in the semifinals against Belarus in search of qualification for the Olympic Games in London’12. Focused on the competition but not at all oblivious to what was happening in Barcelona. In fact, the player expected news from the state concentration and, after knowing the final agreement with Roma, showed his happiness and his enthusiasm to start a new stage with which he hopes to demonstrate from the distance that deserves to be the center forward of Barça. For the footballer it is not a step back, but a step forward and a round trip. The bet is strong because returning does not depend exclusively on him, although he does have a lot to say. A great season in Rome can reopen the doors of the Camp Nou, his great illusion since, with 8 years, he became part of the club where he has been the top scorer in his quarry. Bojan is scheduled to give a press conference next week, possibly Monday, to say goodbye to what has been his hobby for the past four years. Bojan is going to return.

Walter Sabatini also took advantage of the meeting to slip other names that also interest Luis Enrique, as the side Martin Montoya. However, the club will not let go to the Dani Alves spare (it is embroidering in the European sub 21). Another impossible dream is Thiago Alcántara, who is also marveling in Denmark with ‘La Rojita’.

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